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Thread: Several problems with Asus UL30VT

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    Several problems with Asus UL30VT


    I have encountered some very strange problems with my UL30VT lately...

    1. My battery health is dropping rapidly, I hade to change my HDD due to some damage to the previous one, and hence, I decided to run ubuntu 10.10 instead of W7. Under W7, I was able to charge my battery to 98+ % and I had a battery time of well above 7h. It have dropped by about 10 % the last 2 weeks...

    2. My laptop tends to shut down without further notice when I am on battery power. The strange part here is that I usually have about 65 % left, but it just shuts down.

    3. When I try to start the laptop normally, it just gives me a login window ŕ la the terminal. This is due to something with the xorg file, which is messed up. If I choose to boot into graphic safe mode, and then restart x-server, it works lika a charm.

    4. I cannot change the screen brightness, even through gnome-power-manager.

    Well, that's about it...


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    Re: Several problems with Asus UL30VT

    Now the battery health dropped to 42.5 %...

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