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Thread: Any Easy File sharing Applications?

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    Question Any Easy File sharing Applications?

    I am wondering if it is possible to easily share files over the internet like you do with with giver over a local network but over the internet, I want to give these files to primarily the same person. I don't have a static IP so I cant setup a VPN to the other computer. For the other persons sake I wold prefer if it was GUI tool but they can do without. Is this just a dream or is there an app out there?
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    Re: Any Easy File sharing Applications?

    check out dropbox.

    It's worked well for me and it can have a public folder, all the other person needs is the direct path to the public folder and they can access the file. Works via an app or via web browser. Works on my linux and windows boxes AND on my new android phone.

    I think Ubuntu one is like this also.

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    Re: Any Easy File sharing Applications?

    I have same problem...I have several computers with internet connection aand as I will cros over to Ubuntu I need some solution like remote administator aka radmin,to have remote desktop and file transfer,,,

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