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Thread: get script to run in alt-f2

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    get script to run in alt-f2


    I have a few bash script in ~/.bin

    I want to be able to run them both the command line and from if I use the alt-f2 command prompt. I happen to use gmrun.

    I know I can do this by hardlinking each file to /usr/local/bin but I would rather be able to just put my scripts in ~/.bin

    Any ideas. Thanks

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    Re: get script to run in alt-f2

    If you put your scripts in ~/bin (without the dot) that will automatically be in your PATH the next time you login. So you just have the directory name slightly wrong.

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    Re: get script to run in alt-f2

    You can do it from Alt+F2 run dialog by using the command in the box
    bash -c "/path/to/"
    This works wherever the script is in your home, but I'm not sure what happens if the script will only run with root privileges.
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