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Thread: Ubuntu,+ WPA Network, + Android phone = issues

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    Ubuntu,+ WPA Network, + Android phone = issues

    This possibly is the wrong forum to ask but ill give it a go anyway...

    Im experimenting with capturing traffic and running scans on my home network using ettercap im running 10.10 and the new brcm80211 drivers and a strange thing is happening...when I have the wifi on my android phone (Motorola milestone or a "DROID" to the US customers) turned on it interupts my ettercap scan and I have errors and cant find any hosts.

    now when I turn the wifi off on the phone it works fine...

    i dont think there is a problem with ubuntu or the drivers but my phone should not be doing that ? anyone have any ideas, thought it was interesting so i would post.

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    Re: Ubuntu,+ WPA Network, + Android phone = issues

    i use wireshark to capture traffic and it works just fine. you would have to use it as root (gksudo wireshark). you might try using that instead


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