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Thread: Issues with Huawei E122 3G Modem (on Ubuntu 10.04)

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    Re: Issues with Huawei E122 3G Modem (on Ubuntu 10.04)


    usb_modeswitch is doing it,s job

    and now have a means of checking the device and rectifying any problems where you sit

    so this is leaving ( as you say using the device remotely ) but need the necessary scripts to hopefully resolve if a problem if it occurs (yes or no), and also you are going to do this from process control (remotely) and the process would have to act on the instructions given

    need this info then possible to point in the right direction as regards the scripting ,
    a little a that is in the scripts I have posted, also this been the case , can you program and compile pascal

    as from what I am reading I doub't if wvdial or any other dialer can sort this side

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