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Thread: AMR to MP3 conversion 10.04

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    AMR to MP3 conversion 10.04

    I have tried all possible ways of converting amr (recorded on my mobile phone) to mp3 so that I can upload in myspace, with no luck. I was following this post, but both ffmpeg seems to be broken for ubuntu 10.04 and the other product by miksoft doesn't have the amr -> mp3 conversion option. Problem is myspace doesn't accept any format other than mp3, and I have only amr files. Did anybody face a similar problem? Please advise if you have found any way of doing the same.

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    Re: AMR to MP3 conversion 10.04

    try to do it from soundconverter (from software center/synaptic)

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    Re: AMR to MP3 conversion 10.04

    If you add medibuntu as a source and then update your ffmpeg lib to it's 'extra' versions you'll get amr decoding/mp3 encoding thru ffmpeg
    (libavcodec-extra-52, libavformat-extra-52. ect.

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    Re: AMR to MP3 conversion 10.04

    I think the easiest way is if you convert it to WAV first, then use Audacity to convert that to the mp3 file format. Audacity will need LAME or similiar to do it and you got installation instructions here.

    I've gotten information that Audacity can handle the AMR file format, but cannot really confirm if it works.
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