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Thread: Sim City 4 CD2

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    Sim City 4 CD2

    Hi all

    I am having difficulties installing Sim City 4. Essentially I get to "Insert Disk 2" and then am unable to trick the system into thinking disk 2 has been inserted.

    I own Sim City 4 Deluxe but lost the disks so I have downloaded a cracked copy/torrent.
    I am on Ubuntu 14.04LTS
    I am running Wine 1.6
    I also have Play On Linux 4.2.5

    I have tried the following with no success;
    1) Mounting CD1 and running setup.exe in Wine then unmounting CD1 and mounting CD2 to where CD1 was previously mounted
    2) Mounting CD1 and running setup.exe then deleting CD1 contents and replacing with CD2 contents
    3) Running setup.exe from CD1 then renaming CD2 to CD1 at the point I am asked to insert disk 2
    4) Copying all files into one directory on my HD and then running setup.exe
    5) I have tried all of the above in Wine and in PoL

    Any ideas how I get Wine or PoL to recognise disc 2?
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    Re: Sim City 4 CD2

    Hi and welcome, Using cracked software is not supported here. Ubuntu Forums Rules
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