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Thread: Ubuntu Not Booting After Nvidia Install

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    Ubuntu Not Booting After Nvidia Install

    Ok, so, I'm completely new at Ubuntu and decided to try it out. I installed it and it worked just fine. I turned on my computer, booted the GUI version, and it said that there were drivers available for my Nvidia Graphics card. I downloaded and installed them. I had to restart and after restarting my computer, Ubuntu wouldn't boot. I booted it in recovery mode, removed the driver, and it's now working fine.

    Any possible fix? I'd like to have use of my graphics card while on Ubuntu. It's Ubuntu 10.10, btw.

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    Re: Ubuntu Not Booting After Nvidia Install

    Is the screen resolution fine? can it be changed from the monitors setting in the menu-system-preferences?

    You may have a generic that is doing the work fine.

    A offered driver sometimes is worse then the generic but hard to say what's going on since you mention nothing like the first paragraph addresses.


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