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Thread: A Lighter Web Browser For Lubuntu

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    Smile A Lighter Web Browser For Lubuntu

    I've been using Lubuntu (in preference to Ubuntu) since the 10.10 release, and have been web browsing on some systems with Firefox, and others with Chromium.

    While Chromium works well, its a bit "alien" and for each update you need to download a large 12MB+ package. I've also used most of the common browsers on Linux & Windows over recent years, and always come back to Firefox.

    I recently configured Lubuntu on an old pc where memory & disk space are very limited, so looked around for an alternative light-weight web browser. I tried "netsurf" which looks very promising, but at the moment does not support Java.

    Then I found Midori. Fantastic! All the flavour of Firefox, but less than half the calories.

    Adding Midori via Synaptic I see that only an extra 4.2MB are added, compared to over 60MB for Chromium and about 40MB for Firefox.

    Midori is fast, has tabs, and supports inline searching (just type to start searching a page). Highly recommended.

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    Re: A Lighter Web Browser For Lubuntu


    Nice info, I will give a try...!!!

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