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Thread: octave csvread

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    octave csvread

    I'm new to octave having been using matlab.

    I'm trying to read a csv file that has dates and a header. I get an error:

    error: `f' undefined near line 32 column 16
    error: evaluating argument list element number 1
    error: evaluating argument list element number 1

    Anyone know what the problem is? I tried to read it w/o the header but same problem. Could it be a date problem?

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    Re: octave csvread

    csvread is part of the io package, type:
    pkg list
    and check that there is an "*" next to io, an asterisk next to a package name means it's loaded and ready to use. If not, type
    pkg load io
    If io is already loaded, maybe (I'm guessing here) the csv file is not in the path of Octave. In this case, type
    and copy the csv file to any of the directories in the Octave path.

    Hope that helps, let's know if it works.
    This should be a sticky, or a bug 'cos it ain't a feature

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