OK I'm new to Ubuntu and a total Ubuntu nub that said I'm enjoying the experience so far,

I have a MP640 and have managed to get the printer side of the unit working but am stumped on the scanner side.

I've done the below but when i run scangearmg i get the following:

******_****@Anubis:~$ scangearmp
scangearmp: error while loading shared libraries: libcncpmsui.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

looking for any help please.

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Scanner is easy: download the "MG5200series-scanner_driver.tar" software from the canon website here. Extract, and in the extracted folder, extract the "scangearmp-mg5200series-1.60-1-deb.tar.gz" file.

Install the software in the terminal by navigating to the folder you last extracted, and type:
sudo ./install.sh
Once installed, to run the software, in a terminal type:
Or, setup a new menu item called "Scanner" or "ScanGear" etc, and use the same command.

I found that when I first ran scangearmp, there was no identified scanner. there is a single button that will search for a scanner. Found it within seconds.