The new version of the music player Foobnix, oriented not only to listen to local music collection, but also to search for music on the network and working with Internet radio stations.

Changes from previous release:

* Displays the folders with music in multiple tabs, which is handy when the music to be in different directories;
* Compact, pull-down menu of the program, the ability for the menu as a panel;
* Improved support for the format CUE;
* Support for custom visual themes;
* Transparency of the main window;
* Preservation of open tabs when closing the program;
* Actions on tabs (close, open, rename);
* Improved performance and speed up the startup programs;
* Fixed many bugs.

From Foobnix features include:

* The save function on a local drive listening to the network and the ability to download music for recording to CD tracks selected from the collections of the network;
* Support various audio formats (using gstreamer), including the format of CUE;
* Ability to change appearance;
* User friendly interface with the division of play lists through the tabs;
* Find and listen to picture books, selected tracks, musician, or a similar style;
* Download and display lyrics and album covers;
* Support for navigation through files in a tree;
* Find music with tags and genre;
* Making playlists from online music;
* Listen to Internet radio stations;
* Support for downloading music from, to search for artists / albums / songs based on popularity ratings;
* Search and download music from the