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Thread: Enabling TwinView slows system performance

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    Enabling TwinView slows system performance


    I am running 10.10 64-bit on a Dell M6400 with Nvidia sourced drivers. The system preforms great when running on my primary laptop display, but when I enable TwinView to add another display, the performance of the system is terrible. Everything gets slow, and this is especially noticeable when running CPU-intensive applications like VMWare.

    I have tried running a separate X display instead of TwinView, but it doesn't seem to matter. Why would extending my disktop to multiple displays kill my system performance? The CPU stays at 100% while it is only 25% or less on the primary display. What's up with this?


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    Re: Enabling TwinView slows system performance

    I'm guessing but..

    because this is a laptop ? it could be amount memory allocated to the GPU (graphics).

    This is probably configurable in the BIOS/ startup config utility.

    Could need a later nvidia driver ?
    Could need more system RAM as sometimes the onboard GPU RAM is a ratio of the total.

    Separate X screens may work better than twinview.
    Turn off compiz/desktop effects.

    Don't seem to be able to put icons on second screen with separate X screens but apps can be lauched by menus &/or forced to start on it.

    VMWare is not a lightweight application, could you use Wine ?

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    Re: Enabling TwinView slows system performance

    Thanks for the reply BB:

    I implement accounting software here in the US and I need a VM to run SQL Server 2008 and all the Windows stuff related to that. I agree that VMWare isn't lightweight and I have the absolute latest NVIDIA drivers direct from their website: 260.19.29. These are a lot better than version 256 was, but still.

    My GPU is a Quadro FX 3700M and has 1GB of RAM, but I imagine that all the eye candy is quite a load for the driver. I have 8GB RAM in the system and I never get close to getting near this limit - it is all CPU utilization.

    Since I can run 2 concurrent VMs easily when using only the laptop display, but this kills the system performance when running TwinView OR when running Separate X, I don't know what to do without ripping out all the Compiz/3D stuff. If I was going to do that, I may as well forgo the NVIDIA drivers altogether and use Nouveau which doesn't have this problem. I used to have 2 installs of Ubuntu - One with NVIDIA/Compiz for normal use and one with Nouveau for running VMs. A big pain and I stopped this when I went to 10.10.

    If I could easily toggle between Nouveau and NVIDIA without screwing with xorg.conf and Compiz, I would give it a try. I just can't figure out with the latest native NVIDIA drivers choke so badly with dual displays.


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