Hi, everyone,

After 18 years in the saddle and more pages than the page counter could handle, my trusty HP Laserjet 4L is currently gasping its last breath. So a replacement is in order. One of my clients has recently bought an HP LaserJet Professional P1102w, which will be redundant as of next week.It was bought to work around a network problem (a Windows 7 OEM box that could not print via the network because... well... it's Windows 7) but that should be fixed next week with a re-install of W7 or, if that doesn't help, an upgrade to XP. (I'd prefer an upgrade to Linux of course, but they use an accounting package that absolutely requires Windows. Them's the breaks, folks.)

Anyway. Once the printer has been made redundant, I'll see if the client is willing to part with it for a nice price. But... I am running CUPS on Karmic Server, and this printer is rather Windows-oriented. If I plug it into one of my Karmic server's USB ports, will CUPS handle it reliably? I could also use the printer's WiFi support (there's an AP on the network) if USB should be too flakey.

But is there a proper driver for this printer that will work with CUPS on Karmic? I have already tried to send standard PCL6 to it, but for some reason that it totally beyond me, HPs latest models all seem to choke on plain PCL. And CUPS does have a few rough edges that have given me great pains in the past. So I am a little bit wary of buying a printer that I may not be able to get to work.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

// FvW