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Thread: Why not Ubuntu?

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    Re: Why not Ubuntu?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ugluk View Post
    Also people doesn't like console VC systems and autotools to install the software they need. People also like software available in their native language. And finally, people don't like the suddently discover that they cannot do what they want due to some software bugs which are opened for several years.

    That's why people like to pay or steal quality products.
    first of all windows by technicals merits is not a quality product it is crap.

    secondly you don't need autotools or console to install software you have software center for installations and software sources(software center -> edit(menu) -> software sources) for extra ppas.
    there are very few bugs like the ones you describe but there are many more security holes in windows itself.and there are bugs in windows software also. and then there is constant bsoding and then constant crashes and fragmented drives extremely slow boot times and extra slow system after some time of usage.

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    Re: Why not Ubuntu?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zlatan View Post
    I get your point mate but if I were Microsoft I wouldn't expect my stocks rise because of old installations of XP which would need support years after years after years...
    I could be out of topic, sorry
    Stocks rising is one thing, but the difference for MS of keeping an old customer on an old version of Windows & an old version of Office, (& whatever else MS) is still vastly preferable to losing a customer to one of the other flavours of OS which basically comes down to OS X, or a distro, or less likely but possible a BSD (which are great but as I said much less likely under these circumstances).

    As MS know full well that once a customer is lost to one of the alternative systems there is only a very small chance of ever gaining them back again.

    As I see it, that it that.

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