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Thread: WLAN breaking down; how do I reset all network interfaces?

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    WLAN breaking down; how do I reset all network interfaces?


    My first question is:
    how do I reset ALL network interfaces in Ubuntu from the command line while I'm logged on to it? Is it possible? Thanks in advance.

    If you have time and more knowledge and mood or thinking about removing the bug, you could try reading my description of the problem:

    Well I have a problem with my Ubuntu Lucid 10.04, I also had the same problem with Ubuntu Karmic 09.10. After some time wireless connection just stops working, either shows it as disconnected and I can only reconnect it just once, and recently it started not showing any signs of not working in the notification area, however internet and network would just stop working. Anyway, nothing helps, I have to restart the computer to get it back again and it really pisses me off, because these days I have to restart like 3 times a day, that sucks. Disabling and enabling network connections again, doesn't work, wlan0 down, wlan0 up, doesn't help either.

    And no, in case you think my wireless adapter got broken on my laptop? No, it's not, In Windows I would never have to restart, it could run for weeks and the connection wouldn't break down

    So thank you for your attention, any help would be appreciated.

    Arturas M.

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    Re: WLAN breaking down; how do I reset all network interfaces?

    Oh, come on, people!

    I know you can help me, all I need is to know how to reset all the network interfaces from the terminal...

    wlan0 down/up doesn't work and as much I remember /etc/init.d/networking restart or whatever it was doesn't help either, maybe I just need to combine everything in a sequence and write a script? Come on, people, I'm not asking to fix the problem from its roots...

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    Re: WLAN breaking down; how do I reset all network interfaces?

    I have the exact same problem, and really need a solution to be able to keep using Ubuntu, because it seriously interferes with my workflow. It happens consistently if my laptop has not been rebooted for more than a week or so. Other laptops, and XP on this laptop, do not have this issue. Cycling the wireless card via hardware switch does not solve the problem. I have a thinkpad T60 with a new installation of the most recent version of Ubuntu.

    I don't mean to be sensationalist, but this issue is serious, seems to be ongoing and widespread (see and really is unacceptable.

    I realize there may not yet be a quick solution to this problem. The point of this post is to try to make it clear that it is not an isolated problem, so hopefully someone a lot smarter than me will notice it and decide that it is worth resolving.

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