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Thread: "connect" button unclickable

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    Red face "connect" button unclickable

    I have just downloaded Ubuntu 10.10 and I have it burned to a CD. I am running ubuntu from the cd and it is functioning well, but I am unable to connect to the internet through the wireless router in my home. I am able to open the network manager and I can see that it is recieving the signal that I want. I know that the network is WPA secured and I have the required password. I am able to type in the correct password, but the "connect" button is unclickable so I cannot gain access to the web. Is there some setting that I should change that will allow the computer to connect to the web?

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    Re: "connect" button unclickable

    You should obviously study the problem before you consider installing on that particular system. Wireless is frequently a problem so it's best you try to sort it out before installation rather than after.


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