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Thread: Old Gateway M675 processor error

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    Old Gateway M675 processor error

    I'm attempting to install Ubuntu on a Gateway M675 that was bought by my graduate school (it was Windows until recently. It was producing multiple IRQ errors during and immediately after boot. I checked memory, and everything was fine there. So I replaced the hard drive, and when I try to boot to load the new OS, it either:

    1. Opens and goes through the BIOS set-up and then hangs during installation on a "processor freeze error"- the script readout says "processor stuck for 11 seconds";


    2. Does not boot at all. The fan and drive power up, as do all the indicator lights, but the screen remains completely blank and refuses to return even to #1 above unless I allow it to sit for a few hours.

    Is this indicative of needing a new processor? Or does it need a new BIOS flashed? I've ordered a new heat sink and fan, as it runs hot and is a bit noisy, and I put it through some hard paces with some ecosystem modeling code. It refuses to load Debian, and returns "kernel panic" errors. It did successfully load OpenGEU and Mint Linux during recent experiments, but I decided to switch distros.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Old Gateway M675 processor error

    hey try the small reset button on the back of the laptop it looks like an @ symbol. that is if you still have it.


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