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Thread: Connecting UPS serial to USB

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    Connecting UPS serial to USB


    I have a Liebert UPStation GXT which has a serial connection that I wont to hook to my Ubuntu workstation using either powstatd or nut programs. The problem is my motherboard doesn't have an onboard serial connection, but I do have a serial to usb converter. Now once the serial to usb is all connected properly, I have no idea where in /dev it would be, I know normal serial connections are added in /dev/ttyS0. Powstatd of coarse doesn't respond to anything when set to watch on ttyS0 or ttyS1... etc.

    Is there any idea where this Serial to USB connection is placed in /dev? Or what way or log can I view to troubleshoot this problem?

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    Re: Connecting UPS serial to USB

    try with /dev/ttyUSB0


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