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Thread: Ubuntu equivalent of Jupiter battery

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    Ubuntu equivalent of Jupiter battery

    I've recently installed Ubuntu 10.10 on a msci cr620 and I must say it has been a very pleasant experience considering the last linux system I installed was more than 4 years ago. The leaps made by the community in those years is astounding so hats off.

    The issue I have is with battery life of the laptop. With windows I should get 4 hours yet using Ubuntu with Intel powerTop I get 2.5. Naturally I would like to squeeze more life out of the battery. I have recently seen the Jupiter application which is designed for netbooks and the Fedora distro and appears to be a GUI version of powerTop and has some other features. Jupiter appears to work on laptops but there is no guarantee it works on Ubuntu systems. Does anyone have any experience of this and/or is there an Ubuntu/gnome equivalent? Also is there any benefit to using Jupiter and powerTOP?


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    Re: Ubuntu equivalent of Jupiter battery

    There is a ppa from WebUpd8 which may help you, but I have not tried this so have no way of knowing how well it works.

    have a look at for the details of this package, and also I suggest you look into this ppa for a number of other packages that may be worth considering.
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