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Thread: CD Ripping - WMP v Linux apps

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    Re: CD Ripping - WMP v Linux apps

    Did you try dragging and dropping it in RhythymBox? It does full albums for my machine (only 10-15 tracks for me usually), but as I said I have no way of testing if the tags would stick for your player not just in RhythymBox. That draging and dropping album art while the track playing is pretty nifty. I have to give credit to iTunes for being the first place I saw that years ago, but I am very glad it was adopted into RhythymBox. It is the easiest and most intuitive way to change album art in most cases IMO.

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    Re: CD Ripping - WMP v Linux apps

    Quote Originally Posted by Mylorharbour View Post
    EasyTAG will apply a jpg but only one track at a time it seems. Some of my compilations have 150 tracks.

    Thanks all.
    I have little knowledge of your choice of music, but I would suggest that there are only a few of those 150!? tracks in any compilation that you really want. I also suspect that those you do have been released as singles. Music Players both Physical and 3 panel are geared towards Albums. Its more work but you can find stuff and you listen to what you really want, be aware that iTunes and WMP implement Various Artists with different tags.

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