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Thread: Problems with Partitions

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    Re: Problems with Partitions

    Quote Originally Posted by EsbenAndersen View Post
    If I decide to start over by removing all partitions, install windows and then make a 'data' partition again, would that work too? Or should I expect the same issue?
    It depends on how you "start over." The issue is this: Primary MBR partitioning data appear in the first sector of the disk (aka the MBR, or sector 0). GPT includes a "protective MBR" in that first sector, along with data in the 33 sectors immediately following the MBR and in the last 33 sectors of the disk. MBR partitioning tools know nothing about these extra GPT data structures, and so tend to ignore them when you create a new partition table. Some tools, though, see them and become confused when they exist along with a non-protective MBR.

    So, if you want to start over, you must do so with a GPT-aware tool, or manually wipe both the first 34 sectors of the disk and the last 33 sectors of the disk. Anything based on libparted will do; tell it to create a fresh MBR ("MSDOS partition table" is how most libparted-based tools refer to it, IIRC). Linux's fdisk will not do. My GPT fdisk (gdisk) that I refer to in the post to which I linked in my last post can wipe everything GPT-related, but I don't recommend using it to create new MBR partitions (it's primarily a tool for manipulating GPT data structures). I don't know what to recommend in the Windows world, since I'm less familiar with the Windows tools. I suspect that the Windows installer does a poor job of it, based on problem reports like yours; but I've not tested this in detail.

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    Re: Problems with Partitions

    Ok. I've decided to format the entire harddisk. A fresh start. So the question is - what is the best way to partition my harddrive when I want the following:

    1: A partition for Win 7 32 bit.

    2: A partition for Ubuntu 10.10 32 bit.

    3. A partition for all my documents that can be accessed from both Win 7 and Ubuntu (I'm in particular in doubts regarding how to format this partition - NTFS, FAT32, one of Ubuntu's formats?).

    Hope someone has experience with this.


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