I'm currently having an issue with the Linux Mint 10 (Ubuntu 10.10) installation on my Thinkpad W500 that I think may be resolved with a BIOS update however, while I do have a (24MB) iso image containing the update (from: http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site. ... MIGR-70354 ), I do not currently have a CD/DVD drive mounted on my laptop..

Is there a way for me to flash this ISO image to a USB flash drive?

I've already attempted to use the UNetBootin utility however while I do get the bootloader to come up after restart it does not seem to be able to boot into the BIOS update (I get only a "Default" selection in the boot menu on a perpetually 10 sec reboot cycle).

Any ideas how to get this BIOS update onto my USB flash drive?