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Thread: Help! Problem with paritions!

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    [solved] Help! Problem with paritions!

    Hiya! I have a question, i have two hard drives, a 500 gb one, and a 40 gb one.
    On the 40 gb one, with 4 partitons,

    1. One 1.5 gb swap space
    2. 3 gb /tmp
    3. 15 gb partiton for /boot
    4. and a 20 gb for /root or /

    Now, i need to increase my /root partiton into my /home one, so my root can be a 50 gb partiton. 20 gb from the 40 gb hd, and a 30 gb from the 500 gb hard drive.
    now how can i do this? help please!
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