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Thread: Mount usb drive attached to N300 wireless N netgear router

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    Mount usb drive attached to N300 wireless N netgear router

    I can currently access my USB drive attached to the USB port of my router, and can copy files to and from it etc. On the router administration interface, the device name is given as "readyshare". When accessing via Samba the pathway smb://readyshare/usb_storage/ appears in nautilus.

    However I can not save files directly to it from an application and assume that for this to work, I would have to mount the drive. I have been attempting to do this via an entry in fstab: here is one failed attempt:

    // /media/readyshare vfat defaults 0 2

    On running sudo mount -a the following error is returned: mount: special device // does not exist.

    What should I do to mount this drive in fstab?
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