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Thread: An empty laptop???

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    An empty laptop???

    I am a "system builder". I have a desktop with Windows XP installed plus other programs from DVD burner to Photo enhancements. I like to get a working laptop without a operating system where then I can install that Win XP OS (I have the OS disk). I was going to purchase an expensive laptop with Win 7 OS..but then I thought that I am quite happy with Win XP so why not try to get what I am requesting

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    Re: An empty laptop???

    You can get a laptop from Dell or System76 with Ubuntu installed on it. Ubuntu is free so your not paying anything for the OS. Then you can do whatever you want on it from there. Perhaps Dell ships laptops without an OS too, you can ask.
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    Re: An empty laptop???

    One my friend working as hardware engineer, he always do something different from other.


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