I am pretty new to ubuntu, I have a machine without an optical drive booting meerkat from the only partition on the only disk. I would like to move from this situation to duel booting with windows 7. Can anyone advise on general strategy/path for achieving this? In particular addressing the following:

1) Can I unmount the partition that ubuntu is running off in order to repartition the disk? If not (how) can I partition my OS boot disk?

2) Is there any way to install windows onto a clean partition using the windows disk ISO from within ubuntu? Could I perhaps somehow mount the ISO as a drive then use Wine to run the windows installer? Would this approach break down when the windows installer restarts the machine to continue installation? I assume its impossible to boot off the ISO?

FYI I'm absolutely loving ubuntu - the only reason I want windows too is so I can play some windows games without an emulation layer.

Many thanks for any help,