hey guys,
when i bought the above mentioned notebook, i had the same problem and solved it with the fix on the first page (the line at the end of alsa-base.conf). this worked, but recently i noticed that the speakers are not working anymore for no apparent reason. in the meantime i only made some updates via synaptic (that included a kernel update, but booting into the old kernel doesn't work either) and disabled the sound for the login screen. i also did some stuff in windows (dual boot, installed skype) - not sure if that's relevant.
to fix the issue i tried to update the alsa modules as described above. i checked everything in alsamixer and must have tried about every combination in the sound options menu of ubuntu. the peculiar thing is, that the sound works, if i connect headphones, even if i select "analog speakers" in the output tab of the sound preferences. does anyone have a clue, why my speakers are not working anymore?