I received some great feedback when I asked about headphones that keep falling out of my ears. Well, I'm faced with a new challenge. I have a set of earbuds that I really like, and they're semi-heavy so they're a little better at staying in my ears. However, I need a headband part that can attach to the earbuds and push them into my ears. The earbuds connect to my phone and the connection is like a modified firewire female/male interface.

I really don't like headsets that point the earpiece perpendicular to the surface of your head so they jam into your ears. I've always wanted headphones that are flush to your ears, but pushed into place with some type of headband. Of course I do not want the whole ear-covering headset, just earbud size is good enough for me. Can someone recommend a headband accessory that will (hopefully) attach to the earbuds, or a similar headset with a modified firewire interface? I'm using an HTC S711. Thanks!