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Thread: lynx web browser - flash websites ??

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    Re: lynx web browser - flash websites ??

    go onto the ubuntu software centre and download:...

    >ubuntu restricted extras
    I have this installed already, ever since i installed 10.04

    >and see if you've got flash 10 plugin installed

    (also having ubuntu extras installed is always good as alot of simple problems like this can be caused by not having the right stuff which restricted extras helps you with)
    flash 10 is not installed, but I am reluctant to installing it. Is it fully supported ?

    [QUOTEand what are the other internet browsers you use?][/QUOTE]

    I use firefox mainly, but also use Chrome & Opera

    and it's Linux by the way not lynx
    ???? If you're replying to "And does plugins in firefox like Noscript affect lynx"; no I meant lynx not Linux. lynx the browser.


    could you try chrome or chromium?
    i heard that they have their own flash
    Both work fine.

    lucid lynx?
    although normally it's referred to by the adjective..
    indeed, that's what 10.04 is called, isn't it ?


    Everybody, hang on.

    I`ts a text based browser.

    I don`t think it can view flash.

    I stand to be corrected.
    indeed. my original question was meant to be: If there's a purely flash-based website, isn't there any way to browse it ?

    @ m_duck

    I'm pretty sure is referring to the command line web browser, lynx.
    indeed. lol. it seems there has been some serious confusion

    @ Verbeck

    completely forgot about that (also didn't read the op's post thoroughly) and made false assumptions
    I thought so no problem

    So the answer to my question is probably No right ?
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