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Thread: Problems with BCM4318 Wireless Card

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    Problems with BCM4318 Wireless Card

    Hello, I am having a problem getting Ubuntu 10.10 (x64) to work with my wireless card (Broadcom BCM4318 ). I am aware there are many posts about this problem (or very similar) and I apologise in advance for probably wasting your time. However, I have been trying to follow the other posts and have ended up making matters worse.

    When I first installed Ubuntu the wireless card didn't work and when I clicked on the connection logo it said drivers missing (or something similar).

    I followed various forum posts and installed fwcutter, bcmwl-kernel-source and dkms. However, now when I run iwconfig or ifconfig, wlan0 no longer shows up and the wireless option is not visible in the connections icon (just wired connection). In a last ditch attempt, I installed ndiswrapper but this achieved nothing.

    I have no way of connecting the computer to the internet (I am currently using my laptop and transferring debians by memory pen)

    Thanks in advance for any help,
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    Re: Problems with BCM4318 Wireless Card

    WOW, a classic example of what not to do to get the Broadcom Hardware
    working......Mix-n-Match.........different methods......

    But, there is hope.......We just have to figure out what you did,
    reverse probably 90% of it, and then correct what remains. That
    means you need to be able to READ & FOLLOW Directions. So, the hard
    work is up to you.

    Go read this Posting, then post back the results of the first 7 commands.

    We'll go from there. You will be using Method #2, and using whatever
    Broadcom Driver Ubuntu 10.10 uses for default. You probably will need
    a Hardwire Ethernet connection to get all the Ubuntu updates before we
    start. That would be best. So, pop in at a friends place with your
    Ethernet cable and do the Update first.

    You also need to locate the Switch or the Keystrokes to Enable/Disable
    the Wifi. Just locate them so you can toggle them later......Don't
    mess with them for now.

    Also, I'd like a listing of all your Terminal commands. Open a Terminal
    Window and do:
    history > lk.txt
    Then attach lk.txt, so I can view it for now, and go over your commands.

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