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Here's my output when I try that:

/data/Music/testplay Hello! $sed -i 's/\\home/tarahmarie/Music\\/\\data/Music\\/g'
sed: -e expression #1, char 22: unknown option to `s'
Lol, what the heck are you doing?!

The answer has been given already (post #4).
sed -i 's/home\/tarahmarie/data/g' file.m3u

sed -i 's|home/tarahmarie|data|g' file.m3u
Think about it:
sed        # program
-i         # edit the same file
'     '    # single quotes prevent expansions by the shell
s          # replace

|old|new|  # the separators can be any character
+old+new+  # since the old string already contains a slash (/),
?old?new?  # use a different character
.old.new.  # etc.

g          # multiple replaces
file.m3u   # name of the file to operate on