Hello all.

I'm having some trouble with the exact positioning of my panels in 10x (10.04 and 10.10 2 different systems).

I have my 10.04 on my desktop connected via hdmi to my lcd (dvi-to-hdmi cable).

Before you all get romping on that whole overscanning issue, don't. I know a workaround I've used until recently. I foolishly decided to muck with my theme on this system and low and behold undid the workaround for overscanning I found on some forum some where.

Needless to say, the only question I have is how do I manually adjust the exact position (pixels from the top of the screen, left of the screen bottom of the screen right of the screen) for my top panel? There is a file somewhere that I have to edit and manually enter the x and y position values, I just cannot freakin' recall what file that is.