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    Re: Skype... Now with tabs

    I agree with treesurf, but I have a little issue which makes using your program a bit nervous in the long run. The tabs and the settings opens up fine and such. But when I have one (or several) chat tabs open, the window list which belongs to the Skype chat window starts to flash constantly. It flashes with an interval of maybe 0.1 seconds and this flashing continues on every program in the whole window list. It flashes in a white colour, which covers the whole "indicator" for the previous mentioned short interval. edit: forgot to mention that the flashing only occurs when opening the new chat window.
    Ubuntu 10.10, skype
    Maybe matters, I am using xinerama with a quad-monitor setup. fglrx 10.12.

    edit: I tried to reproduce the issue, and now it's only the skype chat window list which is affected...
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