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Thread: my experiance with dtp or web sofr on ubuntu

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    my experiance with dtp or web sofr on ubuntu


    I started to use Ubuntu for my own work about 8months ago. I switch completely from windows but I get for my advertising pages some propriatery files, from outside firms, like cdr, ai and some vector files so I have to have win xp in virtalbox for converting that files to standard file types to use them in scribus or gimp. Some psd-s are not completely conpatible with gimp

    I did till today two 100pages magazins in offset print with scribus 138 dev version and gimp for rasters ( & and I'm very happy with result. Scribus is great, and cant wait for gimp 2.7 with folder layers! I used inkscape=great vector app for vector ilustrations

    I develop for web mainly and did tree web sites with great blufish or standard gedit editors, and also I need xp in virtual box to see how does web pages looks in all win browsers and dimensions ..
    (I couldnt install mac in virtalbox cose it was not stable neither NAT or bridget connection didnt work)

    I started to apreciate linux / ubuntu and free community and practicly forced my self to it cose I didnt wonted to buy priceless soft for my firm or use illegal soft. Everything can be made if you need it and give it some learn time

    I have ubuntu 10.10x64 on my pc and 10.04x32 on laptop, and I am very happy user. Thanx ubuntu


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    Re: my experiance with dtp or web sofr on ubuntu


    a few things that may also help

    we do all of our work in vectors ai cdr svg eps - you can look into trying sk1 ---- it will convert most to svg - its not too bad

    you can also run programs in wine - coral draw 9 will work and AI i think the ver that will work is 8.

    very nice work great job
    We specialize is custom work for all sports teams and any special event. we also do work for business store fronts as well as auto decals


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