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Thread: Netbook remix file manager

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    Netbook remix file manager

    I've done a google search and don't see this question - Am I the only one who is having a problem with the file manager in netbook remix? All it shows is my "favorites" folders. I can't see how to access any other portion of my hard disk or any folders other than the ones it displays. I went into synaptic and it says Nautilus is installed. it sure doesn't act like the Nautilus that I remember. How do I fix this because I'm about to just dump this OS and be real disgusted with unbuntu.

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    Re: Netbook remix file manager

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    Click the trash icon in launchbar. Nautilus should show up. Right click its icon and add as launcher

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    Smile Re: Netbook remix file manager

    In the interest of excruciating accuracy and completeness (ok, I admit I'm an ex-QA guy) the actual menu choice when right clicking the File Manager (Nautilus) icon is "Keep in Launcher".

    Thanks much to tmfk for original post and sikander for the helpful reply! Not having a "real" file manager on the launch bar was making me nuts as well.


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