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Thread: Karmic and Alpha AWUS051NH

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    Karmic and Alpha AWUS051NH

    I built a dual-boot machine (WindozeXp & Ubuntu 9.1CE)-both systems working just fine now for months-I've now installed a replacement AP router and a new USB adapter (an E2000 and Alpha, respectively)and the system runs perfect at 5ghz in windoze on both machines-today I tried to install the Alpha driver on the Linux machine (on the wireless end of the system) and, with some difficulty, was able to follow instructions on how to install from the tarball-anyway, when I rebooted to linux and plugged in the adapter it shows me lots of network connections available, but not mine. Am I missing something? Is there a problem or bug in Karmic that doesn't allow 5ghz signals?
    What gives-am I doing something wrong?
    If it won't see 5ghz signals, how do I get it set to 2.4ghz since there's no user interface like in windoze?
    tnx much for any help!
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