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Thread: Last night's meeting.

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    Last night's meeting.

    I had to leave after only an hour but I was there long enough to see that there were more people present last night than there has been in a while.

    @JB - I think there is some Accounting Software on Ubuntu though I haven't tried it. Section 20 of this guide lists "Financial Software.

    We should eventually try to set an agenda for our meetings to keep us focused.

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    Re: Last night's meeting.

    Try Gnucash? which is very good but a little bit technical or Homebanker.
    Sorry I missed the meeting last night (well actually this is Sunday morning at some ungodly hour) My new computer came without a registration key for you know who so guess what I did? (for 2 days!) After swapping out the DVD drive and reformatting then upgrading from 9.04 to 9.10 to 10.04LTS I am back with a 2.8 dual core new to me.
    I am glad and relieved to hear the meeting had a good turnout and expect things to be loose and casual unless there is a deadline to meet for a specific goal like a release party or a install fest. ttyl. Windwalker


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