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Thread: The most easy way to install any linux distro you want

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    The most easy way to install any linux distro you want

    I hope you all liked the first howto here's the second already.

    The most easy way's to install Ubuntu or any other Linux system.

    The first way is the most easy way to create an dual boot between,
    Ubuntu,Xubuntu,Kubuntu,Mythbuntu. And Windows

    Download Wubi
    After download double click the .exe and you will see a nice interface here you choose what system you want and how much space it should use.
    Click proceed and see the magic happen.

    Second witch will work for each Linux system.

    Download unetboot install
    What this program does is in basic create an live CD but on an USB flash drive

    Now you see there are 2 different ways to use this program you can use the auto install,
    that will let you choose an distribution.

    Not every system is listed but know no fear there are other ways
    If the distribution that you want to use is not listed just look at the screen real good,
    you'll see standing use an ISO.
    This option lets you pick an Linux ISO of your 'e liking and will still put it on an USB for you.

    Insert the USB drive in the computer you want to install it on and put the power on.

    In the bios USB boot has to be on to make this work
    The computer will now start whatever distribution you choose and usually there is in the system menu some program called install if its not just start a terminal and insert this:

    The installation wizard will now start.

    Now if you have already install ubuntu this will be the most easy way to create an installation disk.

    Go to
    System--->administration--->start-up disk creator
    Select what image to use.
    Select witch drive it should be put on press the key and presto-amigo
    Done reboot and start it.

    The last way is to just download the ISO and burn it to a CD or DVD with an image writing program Imgburn or whatever.

    Windows 7 however does not need a tool you just left click the ISO and a burn this disc copy will appear.

    In my thoughts the best thing to do is to let it install on your' e full HDD yes you will loose your' e windows or whatever system you use.

    First of all more and more alternatives are coming in every day and for those things you really really need windows you can always install it under a virtual machine using Openbox or Vmware.

    The only reason not to install it on your' e full HDD is if your'e some hardcore gamer.

    For those who really need to dual boot I say keep on googling there is ought to be great tutorial for doing that its beyond my capability right now.
    Why so seriousss

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    Re: The most easy way to install any linux distro you want

    You should check the criteria for tutorial and howtos in the Tips & Tuts section, and if you agree to them, your howtos can be posted in that section.

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