Hi, I recently attempted to change my plymouth splash screen (so that I could get rid of the ugly text ubuntu logo that came courtesy of my nvidia graphics card), ended up having to change the startup resolution, and now when I select ubuntu from the grub 2 menu I get an error message asking me if I want to run ubuntu in low-res mode. I can also select "Attempt to Recover" but it never works. Would uninstalling and reinstalling grub 2 from a live cd fix this problem? Or do I have to do something significantly more complex? If at all possible I would prefer not having to reinstall ubuntu so that I could keep all of my files. For further reference, I am running Maverick Meerkat (64 Bit) on an Asus N82-JQA1 and I have an nVidia GEFORCE GT 335M CUDA graphics card if that helps. Also, if anyone would mind directing me to a thread that could show me the "proper" way to modify Plymouth settings, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to all that reply to this thread.