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Thread: RAID setup via port multiplier

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    RAID setup via port multiplier

    Hey all, i recently purchased this 5 bay RAID server with 3Gbps PCI-e port multiplier

    But i'm curious how i'm supposed to manage this... Will it just be the case that when i put this together, i'll just see each drive as a seperate connected drive and i'll need to use MDADM to manage them as a software RAID? Or am i off my mark here?

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    Re: RAID setup via port multiplier

    Just pop it in and it should detect the drives individually. When you setup up the RAID, use the devices in /dev/disk/by-id/. This way you can use the serial number of each drive instead of the dynamically assigned device names like /dev/sda.
    What? I'm not allowed to say fsck? Then how is i supposed to help people fix their filesystems?

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