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Thread: Has ddos killed the web? A WikiLeaks inspired idea.

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    Has ddos killed the web? A WikiLeaks inspired idea.

    Take a large swig or toke of your favorite future tonic...

    Wouldn't it be possible to design a DDOS resistant web based along similar principles to how BitTorrent functions?

    Every website would publish a distributed hash (SHA-256/224) of static content that could be referenced in times were the host is unavailable. This hash could be distributed in much the same manner as how torrent files are currently distributed.

    In essence the web would be distributed amongst the web, but yet at the same time verifiable.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Has ddos killed the web? A WikiLeaks inspired idea.

    EDIT:Whoops, for some reason my brain read that as bit torrent based DNS system.
    I had to do it.

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    Re: Has ddos killed the web? A WikiLeaks inspired idea.

    There's no such thing as a DDoS resistant anything. Companies may merely trade DDoS downtime for DDoS mitigation bills. It's unlikely a mid-level punk could blast a large could, but he can send the bills of anyone in it skyrocketing.

    This happens because resources and hardware are scarce. Until everyone has infinite resources, DDoS targets can't escape the choice between downtime and cost.

    The DDoS is simple in nature - if one system can use resources, then many thousands can use many times that.

    The solution is not a radically changed infrastructure.

    The solution is a purge of the tens of millions of worm-riddled Windows boxen.

    Networks shouldn't have to be designed in convoluted ways to resist million bot armies, because there shouldn't be any million bot armies.

    (excludes considerations of state-sponsored cyber-warfare)


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