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Thread: connect 2 computers wirelessly

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    Question connect 2 computers wirelessly

    i don't know if is it possible ?

    I have 2 computers
    one is connected directly to internet with a classic rj45 cable. it has a usb wireless dongle too (ralink)

    the second has a usb wireless dongle but no network card.

    is it possible to connect the second computer to internet through the first ?

    (second computer connect to the first computer through wireless and through it to internet)
    infact in first computer share internet with usb dongle.

    thank you guys

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    Re: connect 2 computers wirelessly

    Of course it is possible. How to do it? I don't know. The computer with the wired connection needs to be set up in Master or Access Point Mode. There may be another way to do it. Perhaps with both computers in Ad-hoc mode. I know it can be done but I have never tried it. I do not have the equipment.



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