I use Songbird in Ubuntu 10.04 as I don't particularly like Rhythmbox. I've set it so that Songbird keeps my Music folder organised (much the same way iTunes does) so that whenever I make a change to a track the changes are registered within the folder. For example when I change an unknown artist to "Iron Maiden" the album is instantly moved to the "Iron Maiden" folder.

Recently when I reinstalled Ubuntu I restored all my music from the back-up I made before reinstalling and only a few of my changes had been registered at the metadata level - the file/folder structure Songbird had created was intact but album name and artwork etc were at their default. Which then resulted in Songbird reorganising my music into the lovely folders "Unknown Artist" and "Unknown Album".

To confirm this I changed a few details in Songbird and went to check on them via the properties window in Nautilus (Audio tab) to find that they hadn't been written. Do any of you know why or know a fix? I know Songbird can write metadata because it's done it before for me and roughly half of my music is how I organised it prior to reinstall.

Any thoughts would be helpful.