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Thread: BIOS update on Dell E6410

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    Re: BIOS update on Dell E6410

    I haven't tried this yet, but from this link:

    they did this:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install smbios-utils
    Then, get the System ID:
    sudo getSystemId
    You will get an output like this: (from my Dell Optiplex 760)
    Libsmbios version: 2.2.28
    Product Name: OptiPlex 760
    Vendor: Dell Inc.
    BIOS Version: A12
    System ID: 0x027F
    Service Tag: 860774J
    Express Service Code: xxxxxxxxxxx
    Asset Tag:
    Property Ownership Tag:
    You will only need the System ID,
    go to and search for the System ID.
    There will be multiple choices, get the one with the BIOS version you want.
    Click on it and download the bios.hdr file.
    To install the BIOS file, we have to activate the dell update service, (if there is no output, the service is activated)
    sudo modprobe dell_rbu
    Tell the update tool what to do:
    sudo dellBiosUpdate -u -f /place/where/the/bios/is/bios.hdr
    You are ready now and can restart the computer. The new BIOS will be installed at the first boot, this can take some time (it took me 5 minutes).
    This way, you don’t have to struggle with a floppy disk or a Windows installation.

    so if I can just extract the hdr file from the .exe then I am going to try this on my Dell Latitude D430, unless anyone has any warning against it.

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    Re: BIOS update on Dell E6410

    Thankyou edcompsci, I can confirm that a BIOS upgrade was succesfull on a Dell Inspiron 1545 (sys-id 0x02aa) using Ubuntu.
    I had been trying freeDos but kept getting invalid drive C: , so couldn't run the exe from Dell. We shall see if the touchpad intermittent failure stops happening.

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    Re: BIOS update on Dell E6410

    hawthornso23's procedure using freedos also works great on linux mint 14 with a dell latitude e6410. I had to upgrade from A04 to A09 as it wouldn't allow going straight to A14. I don't think the other solution will work with the new dell BIOS because .hdr's don't seem to be available for the e6410 from the above link nor does it seem possible to extract them from the newer dell BIOS executables.

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    Re: BIOS update on Dell E6410

    Quote Originally Posted by hawthornso23 View Post
    Yeah, Dell seems to have not compiled the -makehdrfile option into their more recent BIOS updates. They've also abandoned their linux BIOS update site, which is now suffering from bitrot. To be honest I don't know why we bother having a Dell Support forum any more since there isn't any Dell linux support that I can see. In fact it is more like Dell are actively obstructing linux at present. This is exceedingly annoying. My next machine will NOT be a Dell.

    This is the method I used to update BIOS on my E6510

    1. Install UNetbootin from synaptic
    2. Run it and create a FreeDOS USB key.
    3. Copy the exe BIOS update file to the USB key from inside ubuntu.
    4. Reboot into BIOS setup and change the boot order to boot from USB
    5. Boot into a live freedos session.
    * The USB key will offer to install freedos on your hard disk. DONT - that is ubuntucide!
    * Don't use himem or or that other memory thingywhatsit - just straight freedos
    6. C:
    7. dir
    8. run the update

    Good Luck
    Thanks for the mini-tutorial Hawthornso23!

    I have never done a BIOS update using this method so I am smidgen nervous. I have some questions for you or for anyone else who could contribute. I will be receiving a Dell E6510 in a couple of days and so far I have downloaded the EXE for A09 and A15 (the latest BIOS). The E6510 I will be receiving has BIOS A05. The most recent version is A15. Per the instructions on the Details page for Dell E6510 BIOS update there is a message that states "Please note that if the A08 or before A08 BIOS is currently installed on your system you must first update to A09 BIOS and then flash to the latest A-rev BIOS." My guess is that I need to flash A09 first followed by A15(?)

    I am used to the ThinkPad method which was using a downloadable ISO image that I could burn to make a bootable BIOS update disk. For clarification I am not sure what steps 2 and 3 are asking. I have the latest UNetbootin and am slightly familiar with it however I am not sure how to "Copy the exe BIOS update file to the USB key from inside ubuntu." I will be running UNetbootin from a windows laptop. I have UNetbootin open now and see FreeDOS 1.0 and then have the choice of which type of media to install FreeDOS 1.0 to. What I am unsure about is how to "Copy the exe BIOS update file to the USB key." Could anyone tell me how to do that while running UNetbootin in windows? Also I would be installing FreeDOS to a bootable CD (I have a couple of blank ones around but no spare USB drive).

    I also realize the E6510 is fairly old in laptop age so I am not sure if it is used by many forum members here on Ubuntu forums. Regardless I am posting hoping someone might be able to help. Thanks
    Lenovo ThinkPad X200Tablet
    Lenovo ThinkPad T500
    W7/Ubuntu 13.04

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    Re: BIOS update on Dell E6410

    BIOS UPDATE for Dell D620: linux based bios.hdr method worked for me while the freeDOS method did NOT.
    404 -user not found

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