I'm still running Ubuntu 8.04 and wanted to get my pics from my TWO PNY brand Smart Media cards. Both "disks" (since they look like mini floppy disks) seem to have the exact same issue. Both "drives" mount fine. I then can access sub-folders that My camera had made. Nothing unusual, so far.

The issues begin when I go into where the Pictures SHOULD BE, but are not. I plop the disk back into the camera, the pics are all there.

I have tried this with both a Smart media reader, where the "disK" slides into a slot, and also tried directly to the camera.

I have done both successfully on this same PC, same OS (Ubuntu) with positive/successful results.

All the pics are original Jpg files, that the camera made.

How can I get my pictures? The camera shows they are there. Ubuntu does not show the pictures.

Any ideas? Could it have been an update? It happens to windows all the time, so why can't Ubuntu have bad updates too?

One other thing.... when I was able to see and drag 1 pic, then it did not work... ? Then the thumbnails were wrong, showing a preview to pictures other than ones these were. Why would the thumbnails be wrong, even after rebooting?

Too Bad it's part of an emergency... making this more frustrating.