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Thread: Loco Testing Team

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    Loco Testing Team

    Hello all:

    I am sure you have all seen the amazing application that Team Nicaragua
    did... but have you seen the amazing job the Italian team has done with
    testing? [1]

    Testing is a critical component of the Ubuntu community release cycle
    and one that could benefit greatly from increased involvement.

    Paolo Sammicheli published the statistics for the Italian team [2] and
    the results are astounding. 46.4% of the people had not contributed to
    Ubuntu in anyway before the Italian team started their testing team. The
    Italian team had 13 approved members after the Lucid cycle and seven of
    those had never contributed before. The growth continued in the Maverick
    cycle with an additional four members being approved.

    I am interested in trying to build some team activities that can be done
    on-line by team members that are not near areas with active in-person
    meetings. For those interested this is a great way to contribute to the
    Ubuntu community and as you can see from the data above it is a great
    way to become and approved Ubuntu member.

    The first step is to gather interested people and pick a 'team lead' who
    can coordinate the activity. Please contact me if you are interested in
    being a NY LoCo Tester or if you would like to lead the team.


    ~ cprofitt


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    Re: Loco Testing Team

    I'm interested. I'm the newcomer whose reports won't really mean much in the beginning (a/p the Italian experience). It looks like a good way to make a meaningful contribution with limited experience with Ubuntu.

    Let me know what I can do.
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    Re: Loco Testing Team

    I realize this thread is a little old, but I would be extremely interested in being a NY LoCo Tester. Like BeachBuddah, I am also new to Ubuntu so I don't know how valuable my contributions will be but I am eager to learn and to contribute in any way possible. Let me know what I need to do to get started.


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