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Thread: Acer AOD255-2509 questions.

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    Acer AOD255-2509 questions.

    Sorry If this is in the wrong place. I am buying an Acer Aspier One AOD255-2509. I am ditching Windows 7 before I even turn it on I am installing a linux distro. I really don't want to use Linpus Linux and I love Ubuntu. But I have heard that some problems are occuring with wired connections, which is how I will connect primarily. Also I have heard of video not functioning correctly. I want to know are there known problems with UNR 10.10 on netbooks with Intel GMA 3150, and the Mobile Intel NM10 Express Chipset. I would like to know if I should bother with Ubuntu or stick with Acer's Linpus. Thanks.

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    Re: Acer AOD255-2509 questions.

    Hello, this thread is a couple months old, so I am not sure if you still need any information. I recently purchased an aod255E-1802 and have only ever run Ubuntu on it. Everything is working flawlessly except for the built in sound. Headphone out is working fine, but the built in speakers seem to only have a left channel. In order to get the built in microphone to work, the PCM balance slider has to be all the way to the left. I have tried many things to correct it and intend to post about it in another thread.

    I think your model might be different, I think the 2XXX model numbers have the n450 single core proc, where mine has the n550 dual core. If you have any specific questions, let me know.

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    Re: Acer AOD255-2509 questions.

    Hi, I have just bought an Acer AOD255 with the N550 Processor. It has dual boot (you already know this) and I want to change the installed Linux version to the latest possible version of Ubuntu.
    I am new to Linux and cannot see any easy way of upgrading.
    I am sure that it will be pretty straight forward but I need pointing in the right directtion to get started.
    Any help would be appreciated,


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