Hi Everyone,

I have set up a number of routers (for myself and for friends) which have had USB ports and have been able to easily connect a printer. I simply enter the socket details ...


... and it prints fine.

However, I'm setting up a Belkin N300 router for my parents and although the internet connection was extremely easy to set up (via the browser), I find that I cannot get a connection with the printer.

It seems that the unit uses extra software (Windows and Mac) to handle printer dialogue/interaction (rather than just declaring the 9100 port).

This is a pain in the bum and so I am wondering whether anyone out there has had similar experiences and maybe has some tips for me?

So my questions are:

1. Is there a Linux version of the Belkin usb/printer software available?

2. Is there a way that I can force the :9100 port declaration to work?

3. Should I give this up as a bad job and take the router back to the shop? If so, then which ADSL modem-routers handle usb printer functionality with a simple port declaration (rather than a lot of intermediate software).

Any tips would be gratefully received.