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Thread: open window tabs

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    open window tabs

    The tabs for all the applications at the bottom of the screen always look opposite of what I'M expecting. The one that I have currently on screen looks like it's closed and vis versa. It seems to be that way on all the themes I choose. Anyone else have this problem and does anyone of any suggestion on how to fix it? Thanks.

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    Re: open window tabs

    Can you upload a screenshot,please?

    Kind regards!
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    Re: open window tabs

    I totally know what you mean (I think ). It is not a bug, but by design.

    My solution:
    Switch theme from Ambiance to Radiance. Their only difference is that Radiance is lighter, and that makes the active window "look right".

    Go to
    and click on the theme you want. Radiance and Ambiance or sort of the 'default' ones, but there are others as well and you can also download and install themes from the internet.
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